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Letter to my Grandad.

Hello and welcome to my blog! Another hiatus eh? I've had so much going on recently my boyfriend just got his new job and we've just picked ourselves a house! (to rent, I'm too poor to buy!) This is our first house as we've lived in uni accommodation, a house share then a flat so… Continue reading Letter to my Grandad.

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Mental Heath Awareness Week.

Hello and welcome to my blog! This week is mental health awareness week and I thought today I'd chat a little bit about my history of mental illness and why I think it's important that we are spreading awareness of mental illness. So, lets get started! Why does mental health matter? Let me give you… Continue reading Mental Heath Awareness Week.

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Rainy Season.

Hi there and welcome to my blog! So it's been while... again. But this time I have a few reasons as to why I've been MIA. In today's blog post I want to chat a little bit and get some things off my chest. I might not even post this but I feel like I… Continue reading Rainy Season.

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My 2018 goals: A reflection,

Hello there and welcome to my blog! Well 2018 is over! HAPPY NEW YEAR! it's officially 2019 and I'm back with a bang! It's time to make a real go of this year. I feel like 2018 was meh and nothing too spectacular happened, I had some bad moments (my dog passed away) and some… Continue reading My 2018 goals: A reflection,

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Loosing Track of Time

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I've been MIA again and this has been down to a number of reasons. The main one: not taking my anti depressants. I know. I know. BAD. One day I just stopped and didn't start taking them again. But not to worry- I've got a doctors appointment in… Continue reading Loosing Track of Time

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A letter to those who don’t understand.

Hello and welcome to my blog! Today I want to talk a little bit about how hard it is when people don't understand your mental illness. I've met people in my life who understand: either they're going or have been through a mental illness or they are able to empathise and I've also met people… Continue reading A letter to those who don’t understand.


My relationship with religion.

Hello and welcome to my blog! Today I'd like to talk about religion and my relationship with God and religion. I'd like to say right off the bat: all of these opinions are mine and in no way am I judging anyone else or being nasty or insensitive about others people's opinions!  I have a… Continue reading My relationship with religion.

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Things That Make Me Happy

Hi there and welcome to my blog! This is a little later than usual, due to being in work a little more and ending up in A&E (don't worry, all is okay!) Instead of leaving a blog post this week, I thought I'd write a late one but with a positive message. I've been down… Continue reading Things That Make Me Happy