Top 10: Favourite TV shows!

Hello there and welcome to my blog! I've been thinking and I've decided to do a sort of mini series: my 10 favourites! These are going to range from songs, to movies, to food and everything in-between! I'd like to start off this mini series with my 10 favourite TV shows! So sit back and... Continue Reading →

My Firsts And Lasts!

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I'm going to do another post that lets you guys find out a little bit more about me! I'll be talking about some of my firsts and lasts. I don't mean talking about my first sexual time (I don't want that on the internet!) but about the... Continue Reading →

The Would You Rather Challenge!

Hi there and welcome to my blog! I love being tagged in tag posts from other amazing bloggers. I think it really connects you into the community and also gives you the chance to discover new bloggers. I was tagged in the Would You Rather Tag by the wonderful Writing the Blues away (check her... Continue Reading →

Get To Know Me Better!

Hi there and welcome to my blog! Recently I have got some new followers on my blog and on twitter (what?! how!? huh?!) I really don't know how that happened but I'm so glad that each one of you comes to my tiny part of the internet! So today I thought I'd write a post... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter tag!

Hello there and welcome to my blog! I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I saw the wonderful Ellie's Little World do the Harry Potter Tag ( check it out here: Harry Potter tag) and I thought being such a big fan of the world and the series, I'd give it a go! What house... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hello and welcome to my blog! Today I am back with another Sunshine Blogger award post. There is another one from a few months back on my blog so it would be great if you had a read of that one too. I was tagged in this award by The Good The Human and I... Continue Reading →

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