Little Acts of Self Care

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Today I want to chat a little bit about self care. Now, I’m not the best at self care but im working on it. After the last few icky months (because lets be honest, I’ve been struggling for a while now) I’ve really tried to get into self care. I’ve read so many blog posts and googled self care a hundred times and I still don’t think I take it as seriously as I should do. My main goal for May is to start making more time for me and to try and practice one small act of self care every day to see if I can make little imporivements in my life. At this point, I’ll try anything! So lets get into self care!

What is self care?

Self care is the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress. Self care has become a massive tool used to help combat the low moods that people often feel. To me, self care is doing things that will make you happy or feel better in yourself that will lead to a boost in mood. Self care is super important because in changing one thing in your day or focusing on yourself can make all the difference. I know when I practice self care I do end up feeling much better but for me, its taking the time in the day to do self care.

What kinds of self care do I practice?

Well my main act of self care is a bath. If I’ve had a particularly bad day (or even a meh day) I will nip to the shop, get some bubble bath, a face mask and even a foot mask if I’m feeling particularly stressed and run a nice hot bath. I make a point of putting on either a TV show that I’m watching (currently its a re watch of The Vampire Diaries) or a movie that I love (Zombie land is an all time favourite of mine and never fails to cheer me up) and get in the bubbly water. Usually I use half a bottle of bubble bath to make it super bubbly and that in itself cheers me up.

Another act of self care I practice is tidying my house. Now, I hate cleaning and I would love to be able to hire someone to do it for me (but alas, I am too poor for that life) but at the same time, I can’t deny that the act of cleaning is, in some ways, therapeutic to me. I love seeing things become clean, like when I clean the bathroom and everything looks
white and shiny again. I use the nicest smelling cleaning supplies (method cleaners!) and I have different ones for different areas in my house. Currently I use Mint in the bathroom, Tangerine in the kitchen/lounge/bedroom and lavender for the floors.
So once everything is clean, it smells great too! Cleaning can help me see/ think straight, there’s an old saying “tidy house, tidy mind.” I feel accomplished when I sit down in my lounge and it smells and looks great.

Why is self care important? 

I remember seeing a picture on Facebook of a dying battery sign for an iPhone (if you’ve got one you’ll know what I mean) if not, its just a battery symbol with almost no juice. Next to it, it said, you wouldn’t let thins happen to your phone, so why let it happen to you? And I thought yeah good point, when my phone battery gets low I panic and charge it as soon as I can so why don’t I do that to myself? When I feel low and almost out of juice I keep going where as I should stop and thing a bit of a recharge will do me good. Small acts of self care are things that recharge you. They make you stop and take time for you. That’s why its important to not let your battery get to low.

Other ways to practice self care.

  •  Go for a walk – sometimes some fresh air is just what you need to recharge
  •  Turn off social media – occasionally on social media I end up feeling worse than better so turning off social media even for a little bit can do the world of good
  •  Spend time doing a hobby – mine is photography and I spent a little time behind the camera last night and felt instantly better
  •  Call a friend – sometimes a chat with a friend can boost your mood, and if you’re feeling up to it, a coffee with a friend might help your mood
  • Avoid people – or if you feel like it avoid people all together. A bit of peace and alone time can make all the difference.
  •  Treat yo self – a parks a rec reference there! If you’re feeling down, a trip into town (or even online shopping) can cheer you right up. Buy that new dress or treat yourself to a new book.

Anything that you do that makes you feel refreshed, recharged and in a better mood than you started is self care. There are no rules, no expectations. You do you. Just make sure you take time to recharge yourself, don’t let yourself run out of juice! That’s what I’m trying to do this month, one thing everyday to help my battery. Who knows what it’ll be tonight, I’m sure I’ll think of something!

Well there we go! A little chat about self care. Let me know in the comments how you practice self care and if you think it’s important. Let me know if you don’t think we need to practice self care – tell me all your thoughts! I’ll pop a link to Mind, a brilliant charity with online recourses to help if you’re not feeling your best.

Until next time,

Elysia x


13 thoughts on “Little Acts of Self Care

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  1. Self care is an area I think we could all spend a bit of time improving! It’s easy to get busy and just let it slip to the wayside. These ideas are great, I too love a good bubble bath, espechially with a book but Getting outside and going for a run is also really therapeutic!

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  2. Absolutely love this post! You have some great examples and methods for self care. I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting self care and really need to step up to the plate here!

    Very inspiring and motivational! Thanks for sharing!

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