My Firsts And Lasts!

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m going to do another post that lets you guys find out a little bit more about me! I’ll be talking about some of my firsts and lasts. I don’t mean talking about my first sexual time (I don’t want that on the internet!) but about the first time I kissed someone, or the last time I cried. I thought this post would be a bit of fun and a good way to get my motivation back for blogging, which I’m sad to say, has gone away. Again. So here I am (again) trying to get my mojo back. Anyway, lets get into it!

My first kiss: I remember kissing my best friend at the time (we were 6) and it was a little peck so I don’t really count this. My first proper kiss was when I was 13 and it was with my first proper boyfriend. I don’t really remember much apart from it was realllyy awkward… And on that note, lets move on.

My first boyfriend: Aww, memory lane. His name was Tom and he was the sweetest. We were together for about 5 months and it was a really nice first proper relationship. Sadly, it didn’t work out and I fell for a friend of his and me and his friend went on to have a 3 year relationship. It all worked out for the best and Tom’s married now (!) and is happy and I’m with James (it was out 5th valentines day this year!)

My first crush: I mentioned him in the last one (my kind of first kiss.) He was the year above me when I started at my first school and super cute. His brother started pick on me one day (or maybe I thought he was because he turned out to be really nice!) I asked Liam to make him stop and we became friends straight away. I was always at his house and we were inseparable. It was love (or so 6 year old Elysia thought) and he even cried the day I moved schools. We drifted and when we reconnected, we were totally different. Hmmm what could have been eh?

My first heartbreak: I started dating Jack when I was 13 and I’d say he was my first love. When he broke up with me, I thought I’d never love again (dramatic much 16 year old Elysia) and I was broken. Looking back, I’m glad it happened but at 16, it was my first proper heartbreak.

My first job: Eww. I was a cleaner at Travelodge. The company was great and so were the people I worked with but I HATED that job. It was hard work and very lonely and repetitive. The worst time was the races. I live and worked at the Travelodge in Chester and when the races were on, the rooms were trashed. I mean totally ruined. It once took 6 of us 30 minutes to clean one room. That was the worst thing about that job. The best was that if you found something unopened (like beer or alcohol) we could keep it. So boo you any one who’s ever left a room a mess and thank you if you’ve left behind your beer šŸ˜€

My first tattoo: It is the word Grandad on my left wrist. I had. It done at 17, a year after he died. (The tattooist is a family friend so he didn’t ask me to say how old I was – he definitely knew though.

My first pet: A hamster called Sammy Hammy. He was great. I used to be able to get him out and he would just sit on my bed and he’d run around little mazes I used to make him out of the cardboard from toilet rolls. I loved him loads. So much that when he died, I got another hamster called Sammy Hammy Jr (I know, original) but he was really nasty and would always bite me. We were not very good friends.

My last good cry: I was on Facebook and saw a video of dogs being reunited with their owners. Oh I cried my eyes out. The dogs had been missing for ages and the video had grown men sobbing. I’m welling up just thinking about it. Honestly, it was lovely and the tears were flowing.

My last illness: A cold. Nothing too bad just very sniffly and snuffly. I ended up having to go into work and give two tours to primary school kids full of a cold so that wasn’t fun. But it’s all nearly gone now!

My last blog post: ohh shameless plug here. It was a Would You Rather post. If you want to have a go at answering the questions at the end, make sure you tag me in it, I’d love to read your answers! Here’s the post: Would You Rather?

My last argument: I’m also a PA to a 3rd year student and we got into a row because he left me stranded in town for over an hour because he couldn’t be bothered to leave his house. So while I waited, I had a cheeky rum in Spoons. Man, he drives me up the wall.

The last TV show I binged: Supernatural. I love this show and Amazon just added all the seasons to Prime. I got through a whole season in just over a week. I have a little obsession with that show and am currently still binge watching it. If you haven’t seen it, give it a go. Trust me on this, thank me later and hate me when you’re crying your eyes out!

The last book I read: The Tattooist of Auschwitz. What a book. I’m a big history fan and I learnt things that I didn’t know happened in that awful place. It’s a true story of a guy who became the tattooist giving out the numbers to new prisoners and the hope and the love that endured such an evil place. It should be on your to read list.

My last treat yo self purchase: A new camera. I used to do photography all the time when I was younger and since my old camera died, I stopped. So I treated my self to a new one and I’m in love. It’s so easy to use and the picture quality is brilliant. I’m one going to be doing the photography at my boyfriends mum’s wedding and I’m super excited.

Okay so there we are! Some of my firsts and lasts. That was actually really good fun going down memory lane and now I feel ready to write some more blog posts! Yay for mojo! If any of you guys fancy doing a similar post, I’d love to read them!

Until next time,

Elysia x

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