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The Would You Rather Challenge!

Hi there and welcome to my blog! I love being tagged in tag posts from other amazing bloggers. I think it really connects you into the community and also gives you the chance to discover new bloggers. I was tagged in the Would You Rather Tag by the wonderful Writing the Blues away (check her post out above) and today, I’ll be taking part! I’ll be answering 10 questions given to me by Chloe in her post and then I’ll be creating 10 more and tagging some other brilliant bloggers to take part in! Okay the, here we go!

1. Would you rather only eat sweets for the rest of your life or only eat chocolate? I’d say sweets because there are so many different types! If I could only eat chocolate I’m quite fussy so sweets is probably my best bet.

2. Would you rather have to home- cook every one of your meals from scratch or only have to order takeaways? Takeaways. I love cooking from scratch but sometimes it’s so much effort that I just can’t be bothered. Plus, I can’t make a good curry myself and I love takeaway Indian – its my favourite!

3. Would you rather be a werewolf or a vampire? It depends what lore were talking about. I’d love to be a vampire but if were talking Twilight then nope – I’d be a werewolf. I don’t want to sparkle. Now, if we’re talking Vampire Diaries vampires then I would definitely go for a vampire. (I’ve thought way to hard about this… moving on!)

4. Would you rather have someone else take your idea e.g. a novel, an album, and have it publish it as their own or never have it published at all? I’d say never have it published. I’d prefer to know what I had created was mine and be proud that I had created something. I wouldn’t be very good if someone took my idea.

5. Would you rather live in a hot place or a cold place? Sat here shivering my butt off I’m going to say a hot place. Actually, I’m going to go with a warm place. It’s cheating a little bit but I don’t deal with the hot or the cold very well.

6. Would you rather be late for everything or early for everything? Well I have a big fear of being late. If I’m not early I get panic attacks and can’t cope so definitely early.

7. Would you rather have more hours in the day to get things done or more hours at night to sleep? More hours at night! I enjoy sleeping way too much and I quite like to be stress free for a few hours. Even if I had more in the day, I probably wouldn’t get much more done if I’m being honest.

8. Would you rather only be able to own one pet for the rest of your life or numerous pets but they don’t live as long? One pet. I can’t cope very well at the loss of pets and it hurts way too much. If I could have one pet who lived as long as me I’d much prefer that. It’s far less painful and you get a friend for life!

9. Would you rather only be to go on holiday abroad but never in your own country or only be able to go on holiday in your own country? I live in England and while there are some beautiful places in the UK, I love going abroad and experiencing new cultures. I would much rather go abroad than stay go on holiday in the UK.

10. Would you rather be able to speak fluently in any language except your own or only be able to speak in your native language? Ohh a tough one… English is such a well used language all over the world so I’d have to say my native. But I’d love to speak other languages. That was a tricky one.

Okay so there were go! My 10 answers to the Would You Rather Challenge! My 10 questions are:

1. Would you rather watch your favourite movie as many times as you want but no others or watch as many movies as you want but never your favourite one?

2. Would you rather only read and never watch tv again or never be able to read and only watch tv?

3. Would you rather have a time machine that only goes back in time to a time machine that only goes forward in time?

4. Would you rather forget who you are or forget who everyone else is?

5. Would you rather live with no friends or no electronics?

6. Would you rather have unlimited love or unlimited money?

7. Would you rather have everything you’ve every wanted but die in a year or live your life as it is now and live until you die naturally?

8. Would you rather live in Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece?

9. Would you rather never experience sadness or never experience anger?

10. Would you rather have infinite underwater breath or infinite running capacity?

I tag the brilliant:

Sun Kissed Scribbles

Simply Steph

Thoughts With N

There we go! I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and I’m looking forward to reading the answers to my questions!

Until next time,

Elysia x


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