My 2018 goals: A reflection,

Hello there and welcome to my blog!

Well 2018 is over! HAPPY NEW YEAR! it’s officially 2019 and I’m back with a bang! It’s time to make a real go of this year. I feel like 2018 was meh and nothing too spectacular happened, I had some bad moments (my dog passed away) and some good moments (spending time with my family) but all in all I’m glad to see the back of 2018 and I’m looking forward to making 2019 my year.

A year ago I started this blog! What!? Wow. A whole year since I started Becoming Elysia and I’m so glad I did. I’ve met some brilliant people and I’m ready to really try and make this into my full time hobby – I want to work on my social connections and also try and stick to a schedule – to really make this blog something I can be proud of. My first proper post was my 2018 goals (if you want to check it out, it’s here! Things I’d Like To Achieve in 2018.) and today I thought I’d see if I managed any of my goals! So here we go!

Have a clear out.

Well that didn’t happen… I’m such a hoarder! I did throw away all my old or half used shampoo, conditioners and body lotions to make some space for a new beauty regime in 2019. If anything, I bought more things and now I need an EVEN BIGGER clear out… in my original post I chatted about clearing out old stationary but I went a bit mad in an ASDA sale and bought a lot of more! I think this is one that I’d like to add to my 2019 goals and see if I can manage it this year.

Make more time for me.

I kind of managed this. I’ve started to say no a bit more if I don’t want to do something but it’s still something I need to work on. I’ve decided that I need to do more self care in order to help my mental health and well-being. I didn’t spend any extra time looking after my appearance though, I spent most of 2018 with my hair in a messy bun and no make up. I don’t really want to take this into 2019 because I want to accept me, messy hair and baggy jumpers and all!

Get health issues sorted.

Again, I kind of managed this. I have PCOS (here’s a blog post I wrote on that if you want to have a look This Is Me.) and this year I was referred to a specialist who made me really understand my condition and what health implications I do face. I managed to lost weight (which I’ve managed to put back on…) and I did feel better but the condition won’t go away and I think I’ve come to terms with that. So in a way, I have sorted the issues out.

Try and do one nice thing a day.

Okay so this didn’t work. The idea of one nice thing a day was a bit adventurous for me (thanks 2018 Elysia) but I have been working on controlling my anger and my control issues. I mean I did manage to smile at people and make an effort to be kind to people I could see needed it so many I did manage to work on this a little bit!

Update to my blog on a regular basis.

Well…. this one doesn’t need much explanation. I didn’t manage this. A few bouts of depression hit me this year and I lost interest in a lot of things, this blog included. I regret this and I hope that I can really work on this in 2019 to make this my place on the intent that I’m happy with.

Be happy.

Well, I’d say this went about 50/50. I had some ups and some downs. I did have a few bad months, but the fact that I made it to 2019 and I’m still here and ready to kick butt means that part of my 2018 was happy! I got to go to Rome, I spent time with my family, I celebrated my tour year anniversary with my boyfriend so I did have happy moments!

Well there we go! A recap of my 2018 goals. I don’t know how to feel now! I mean I maybe didn’t hit my goals 100% but I did enjoy parts of my year and I hit other goals, I (kind of) got a promotion at work – I’m now a tour guide for school groups- and I love it and because of this I’ve grown in confidence. I’ve also seen a new place (Rome) and I am ready for 2019.

I just saw a post saying don’t think of 2018 as a bad year think of it as a year of growth and I love this. I’ve grown and I made it through 356 days and here I am on the other side of it. I think if I use this idea to walk into 2019 I can make myself a better person and have a better year!

Thank you all for sticking with me for the past year and I look forward to walking into 2019 with you all!

Until next time,

Elysia x

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  1. Way to go Elysia, i loved your resolutions post. Time passes no matter what you do with it. I figure getting back up and trying again is one of the best skills a person can develop. Here’s to the new year.

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  2. I think any progress towards goals are useful, and it looks like you at least tooks steps towards most of your 2018 goals! I’m honestly trying to clear out some things this month (I’m such a hoarder too lol) so I feel less cluttered this year and have space for new things.

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  3. It’s a good process to review our goals. Did you try reviewing and adjusting as you went along. I also have chronic illnesses and mental health conditions, so I set small steps towards the big things and then change them as I go if needed. Then you don’t end up feeling like you haven’t achieved which can lead to overthinking things and we know what comes with that… I hope you can appreciate the things you have achieved – remember that some of these won’t be anywhere near your girls…but you still achieved them. Good luck for 2019 and more blogging!

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    1. Thank you! I’m going to try creating smaller goals towards a large goal then it’ll seem like I’ve achieved more. I do know where I went wrong and now I’m hoping I can work on sorting that out! Good luck to you for 2019 😊


      1. Yes, it’s so important to break goals up. I’m writing a blog about this from doing mine with my coach. It will be out tomorrow (hopefully), if you want to read my tips and tricks! Let me know if you want a nudge! 💌


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