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The Would You Rather Challenge!

Hi there and welcome to my blog! I love being tagged in tag posts from other amazing bloggers. I think it really connects you into the community and also gives you the chance to discover new bloggers. I was tagged in the Would You Rather Tag by the wonderful Writing the Blues away (check her… Continue reading The Would You Rather Challenge!

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Get To Know Me Better!

Hi there and welcome to my blog! Recently I have got some new followers on my blog and on twitter (what?! how!? huh?!) I really don't know how that happened but I'm so glad that each one of you comes to my tiny part of the internet! So today I thought I'd write a post… Continue reading Get To Know Me Better!

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My 2018 goals: A reflection,

Hello there and welcome to my blog! Well 2018 is over! HAPPY NEW YEAR! it's officially 2019 and I'm back with a bang! It's time to make a real go of this year. I feel like 2018 was meh and nothing too spectacular happened, I had some bad moments (my dog passed away) and some… Continue reading My 2018 goals: A reflection,