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Interview With A Blogger: L!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

After the last blog post I wrote interviewing Elizabeth (if you’ve not read it, it’s on my recent posts if you’d like to check it out) here is another one! Todays amazing blogger is L from LTalksLife L talks about a wide range of topics, the most common, Adulting. Something that all of us (well at least me) are trying to get their heads around. If you haven’t been over to L’s blog, it’s definitely worth having a look – you won’t regret it! So, here we go – I hope you enjoy it!

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your blog.
Hi, I’m L from LTalksLife and I would describe myself as a twenty-something, feminist, graduate, and blogger from North West England! I would describe my blog as a real life, lifestyle and motivational blog. I aim to talk about all things female, graduate and millennial focused. I’m figuring out life and writing honestly along the way.

What made you decide to start a blog and how did you choose what you wanted to write about?
I’ve thought about starting a blog ever since graduating from university in 2015. I studied English and I love writing so that played a part too. My blog topics are generally inspired by my personal experiences and things I’ve learned that I would like to share with others.

What is one tip that you would give to new bloggers?
One tip that I would give to new bloggers is to believe in yourself. You’ve started a blog for a reason; because you have something to say! So own it and just go for it. What’s the worst that can happen?!

How do you manage to keep motivation?
I manage to keep motivation because similar to my previous answer, I feel like I have a few things to say (no matter how many people actually read them). The biggest struggle for me is balancing life and giving time to my blog. I sometimes wish that there were more hours in a day!

How did you manage to gain a following and how do you keep up a connection with them?
I gained a following through using social media (mainly Twitter in the first instance). I think that I keep up a connection with my followers by writing honestly, reading other people’s blogs and giving praise were praise is due! Spread the love!

How important is the use of social media in running your blog and how often do you use it?
Social media is quite important to the running of my blog. I started by using Twitter in the first instance, but I have also recently started an Instagram account ( ) and BlogLovin’ ( …) so give me a follow! I aim to use social media on a daily basis to share my thoughts and my blogs.

You are very honest on your blog, why did you decide to be so open about important issues?
I am very honest on my blog because I really think that honesty is the best policy. In today’s society, so many people feel pressured to make out that they have these picture perfect lives. I aim to talk about real life, real issues and real experiences with the hope of inspiring others. I also want to share the life lessons that I learn along the way.

Well there we go! A really insightful interview from a brilliant blogger – I think we could all learn from what L has to say! I’m really enjoying this series with some brilliant people and I really hope that the answers from these bloggers are helping you build your blog!

Until next time,

Elysia x

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