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5 Things I Find Difficult As A Blogger.

Hello there and welcome back to my blog! 

As a relatively new blogger, I’m still trying to get my head around this and I’m not going to lie, it’s been tricky. I thought I’d be honest on this post and have a chat to you about five things that I’ve found difficult since starting my blogging journey. I’d love to hear your comments about what you found difficult and how you overcome your problems! So lets get into it.

  1. Procrastination/ Motivation.
    My get up and go really does get up and go. I really struggle with this and finding the motivation to sit and plan blog posts or write them seems to elude me. I sat down to write this post 2 hours ago and I’m only just getting round to properly writing it! I think I get distracted too easily, I’ve finished a whole TV series in one day and have spent way to many hours on twitter. I really struggle to keep myself on track and always find a way to do something else. I think once I get a handle on being able to keep myself going then I’ll be on top of this whole blogging thing. 
  2. Connecting with other bloggers. 
    I always feel that I am mithering people when I try and post about my new blog posts and I also feel like I am bothering other bloggers when I try and connect with them, either to colab or to make friends. I would love to be more active in the blogging community but I really find it difficult. I think I need to work on this as the blogging community is amazing they are so helpful and supportive. It’s all about confidence and think the best way to tackle this is head on! 
  3. Creativity.
    Thinking of new blog posts is super difficult for me because I never know what to write and when I do think of ideas, I struggle to get them down onto paper (well the computer). I always feel too mean or like I’m coming across as a bit of a strange person, so I usually end up scrapping the ideas or spending hours re-writing them. I think I’m struggling a little with being myself and just being open on my little corner of the internet so that’s what this blog post is all about, being honest and being me. That’s the best way to get a head in life, just be yourself and that is really something that I will need to face if I want to make blogging my full time hobby. 
  4. Organizing.
    I’ll be the first to tell you that I am somewhere in the middle of organized and in-organized. I love the idea of being organized and I buy so many planners and notebooks and download so many apps to keep me organized (I have a whole folder full and I haven’t used any!) but I still forget things or run out of time on things. When I first started blogging, I tried the 30 day blog challenge and always left it until about 11.30 pm to write and upload (that’s why I gave it up). I work three jobs and I have to find time to put blogging into my busy life so I can continue it, I really do love blogging and it’s something I would love to be able to do for a long time.
  5. Low self confidence/ statistics.
    I think this is one that affects all new bloggers, and maybe even some people who have been blogging for years. It’s really difficult to not be upset when no one views your post or the numbers of views you’re getting is low. I think my validation comes from numbers and when those numbers are low, I struggle. For me, I don’t think ‘wow you’ve been at work all day, tided the house and written a blog post – well done‘ I think ‘only one person liked my tweet and no one viewed my blog- delete it now, you’re rubbish at this.’ Now, I know I’m not going to be getting hundreds of views so early on, but I still find it disheartening. But the amount of bloggers I’ve seen who are so happy that they’ve stopped playing the numbers game is amazing and I would love to work towards being able to be like this. 

Wow. It got deep there and pretty honest. Blogging is a long road and it’s one I’ve been enjoying for the most part, it’s only those five things getting in my way of truly loving this exciting journey I’m on. Thank you so much if you’re someone who always pops over and checks out my blog and also thank you if this is your first time over on my corner of the internet. I will break down the walls I put around myself and smash this blogging thing! 

Let me know what difficulties you face in your blogging journey. Until next time, 

Elysia x 

9 thoughts on “5 Things I Find Difficult As A Blogger.”

  1. I can relate to this a lot. I mainly write on my blog to sort out my day, make sure I don’t forget anything and recently to share my love of crafting/crocheting. It’s a way to share your creativity with the world which can seem daunting at first. But after a while, you have to just think about writing for yourself first and then let everyone else who wants to read it will eventually read it. The right audience will find its way to you. 🙂 That’s what I say anyway. Blogging is difficult but at least we aren’t alone!


  2. I loved reading your post, Elysia. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and being honest. I totally can relate. I think that a woman working three jobs has no reason to be insecure. Keep on doing the good work! I’d love to read more in the future!

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  3. Elysia, I love the way you write – your tone of voice comes across so clearly, it’s like speaking to you. So please don’t worry about all the editing – how you write is beautiful!

    I also struggled a lot (well, still do) with connecting to other bloggers and sharing my work without feeling embarrassed. Like, can I Tweet that link AGAIN when people might be bored of it and not viewing for a reason? Luckily, there are so many lovely bloggers around. My views may be up and down, I can never predict whether 0 views or 80 in a day, but I’m finally making some friends. I’d love to chat a little on Twitter if you want to message me 🙂

    Soph xox


    1. You’re so kind! I’m getting a bit more used to interacting, I guess I’m trying to feel less annoying haha! Thank you so much, it’s so nice to get a kind comment xx

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  4. I can relate to all of this! I’m facing the exact same struggles as you are, so it’s important to know that you’re not alone. I’ve been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone a bit more, and it’s been surprisingly rewarding, rather than the disaster I thought it would be. Maybe try do one thing each day that you don’t feel 100% confident in, whether that’s reaching out to somebody to collab, or sharing a post WITHOUT editing it too much until it’s no longer “you.”

    As for the numbers game, I’ve been having a hard time with this myself, but think of it this way: it’s much better to have an audience who are engaged and commenting on your stuff, rather than hundreds of views, where nobody has said anything at all. I try to imagine it like a shop. Views are from people window shopping. They know that you’re there and might come back. But people who comment and interact with you are actual customers, and they’re the ones that matter.

    Overall, though, it’s about learning and being patient. I hope you’ll feel more comfortable as you progress.

    Ruth |

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    1. I’m trying to do something that I wouldn’t normally do – it’s so difficult! I am going to work really hard to be me on my blog and make it something I can be proud of 🙂 You’re right with the numbers thing – I think it’s just hard when they’re not too high – I know I’ll get over it haha 🙂 thank you for taking the time to comment x

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